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Any way to configure a Corsair iCUE H100i RGB Pro XT on a Hackintosh?

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The H100 I bought in 2012 recently started to fail, so I ordered a new iCUE H100i Pro XT. Having found the iCUE software for Mac OS I thought I'd be okay.

Having received and installed the new cooler, I find that it isn't showing up as a USB device in Mac OS Big Sur, and when I boot up and log in, the CPU is hot and throttled down under 1GHz. (It eventually seems to cool down somewhat.) And I'm seeing old messages in the forum indicating that iCue on Mac OS doesn't support internal components, just external USB devices. And unsurprisingly you aren't rushing to support Hackintosh owners.

The push-button configuration of the old cooler had me expecting something more standalone, but I should have done more research.

Three questions and a suggestion:

1) What is the default cooling profile for the pump if iCue isn't running?

2) Does the pump retain a configuration once it is set, or does it have to be configured on every boot? On Windows does iCue have to be running to manage the fan speeds, or is the pump able to manage itself?

3) Could I connect the pump via USB to a Windows laptop, and run iCue on the laptop to configure the pump?

Am I going to have to sell my new H100i and buy something else?

Suggestion: some kind of bootable FreeDos disk image with a tool to configure internal devices, especially critical devices like CPU coolers, would be very handy.

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Oh, and to be clear, the RGB colors aren't my main concern. I'm most concerned about being able to obtain an adequate level of performance and preventing my CPU from getting a fatal case of heat stroke.

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