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Corsair Commander XT - Fans still spinning after PC shutdown

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Hello everyone,

Recently updated my PC with Corsair HydroX products - got my XD7 and XC7 all connected nicely. However, after installing commander XT to control my pump, and some of the fans, I have noticed that the fans that are connected to my Commander XT are still spinning after PC shutdown. Initially, I though it was a PSU (Corsair RM850x) or motherboard problem. However, I have noticed that only the fans connected to the Commander XT are spinning, whereas the ones that are connected to my Lightning node are not. Any ideas what that might be?

My setup:

Asus Rog B550-F
AMD 5800X
Corsair XD7
Corsair XC7
Corsair Vengeance PRO SL 2x16GB
2 x Samsung Evo 980PRO m.2
Lightning node - built-in into my Case (Corsair 5000X)
Commander XT 
4x Corsair QL 120mm fans connected via Commander XT
3x Corsair LL 120mm fans connected via Lightning Node

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