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How to increase the range of the VIRTUOSO wireless headset receiver?


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I have a Virtuoso headset in general for work from home...
sometimes, I would like to go to other rooms in the house, like the kitchen, get a coffee for example and still keep listening/talking in meetings... how can I increase the headset's range for that?

Thank you in advance.

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I used a USB 3.0 extension cable. Then ran the cable up the wall as far as it went and mounted it up there. Helped out a little bit. Not any of my Corsair headphones don't go as far as my other brands do. The other brand I can walk outside and talk on the porch with no issues at all. Like the Op stated about to the kitchen and that is as good as it gets, and that various depending on the weather. And don't get me started on using the Microwave with them on. As said the extended cable helped a little. Don't expect a miracle but it helps a little bit.

Hopefully, the next set gets a complete makeover and a longer range to go with it.


Something along these lines. I guess if you have one or need one. Most places have them pretty cheap.

This is just an example. ( Also I am not hot-linking to get a kickback.  It is just an example.)


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I just got a Virtuoso headset and have the same issue with wireless range. I am fine at my computer desk but 15 feet away in my Racing Rig setup the connection drops out and comes back and drops constantly. I had some Logitech G935 headphones and I kid you not I went across the street one day while waiting for a round to start and talked with my friends on discord the entire way over. Those headphones were good except the Mic does not do well with my Bassy Voice. These Virtuoso Headphones have a GREAT mic but lack the range I use to enjoy so I am really debating on which route I wanna go with them. I am thinking of leaving a USB C cord at my racing sim rig to just use the headphones in wired mode but changing audio output all the time is going to be so annoying. Open to ideas just as you guys are.


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