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RGB Lighting Issues (some fans wont light up) + Fan Wire issue

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The fans do work with RGB Lighting.   ML120 Elite's, ML140 Elites.  

using the commander core XT and the node that comes with the iCUE 7000X case


Currently have 4x ML120 Elites, one isnt lighting up

Currently have 7x ML140 Elite, 2 arent lighting up.


Plugged in seemingly correct.   


My MM700 Mousepad doesnt turn on automatically, and i have to unplug it/plug back in.  then works great.

The wires on the ML140 are not tucked in enough behind the fan blades along the wire path and protrude just enough to be within 1mm of nicking the fan.  






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ran auto setup, seems to work now.  wasnt detecting lights.


the ML140 Elites', corsair please see to it that the Wires that run behind the fan are tucked correctly flush into the clip so they dont protrude and rub up against the fan as it spins.

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