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Newest iCue update 4.20.169 with Elite Capellix H150i Bug report!

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Hi there! 

First time poster, long time Corsair product user! 

I wanted to report a bug with the newest iCue update, v.4.20.169

After installing the update, my elite capellix fan LEDs would start flashing- no colour sync, just a white flash from each fan - one led from each- every few seconds. Normally wouldn't bother me, but it's pretty distracting and right in my peripheral vision so... yeah.

Anyway! I noticed this issue happened with a previous version too- 4.14.179, and then I downloaded 4.15.153 in October and voila, issue resolved. So I rolled back to 4.15.153 today and no more LED fans flashing.

I guess if anyone is having this issue, for now 4.15.153 fixes it, but 4.20.169 brought back the bug.

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