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Commander Core XT show rgb for 6 fans but only 4 pwm settings

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I have a Commander Core XT with PRG/PWM connections to 3 front case fans and a rear case fan (all Elite series) and these all work fine. I have another 4 side case fans and have connected 2 of them to the two spare RGB/PWN ports on the  Commander Core XT (shown as Ports 5 and 6 below):


The strange thing is that while the two side case fans  show up in the RGB setup in iCUE, they don't show up under cooling.


They do spin up at boot time before iCUE gets loaded, so the PWM connections through the CC XT must be working (as hardware), but when iCUE is started the fans stop spinning and just sit silently cycling through their rainbow colours.

Any ideas as to what could be going on here?


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