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Vengeance Pro SL lighting working independently and not responding to iCue

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My build is about 5 months old and when it was finished, iCue was working perfectly fine with all of my Corsair components. Few updates later, everything still was working fine until about 3 weeks ago. My rgb on my ram would start working independently and not responding to iCue, it has the color shift with the random colors and when I try to put my own effects on it, it would start flashing really fast WITH my effects applied, basically the effects that I'm applying works, its just that it flashes really fast and when I try to turn off the rgb then it wouldn't respond, turning off effects works but like I said, it would start doing its own thing, didn't update it or do anything with iCue. I fixed it for about a week but then it came back. Don't know what I did to fix it but the issue has come back. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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The same thing is happing to me.  I built a system with the same memory over the summer.  It was all perfectly configured with the RGB settings but I couldn't get my hands on a new video card so it's been powered down since August (my old card is not UEFI so I couldn't turn on hardware RAID).

Recently I won a Newegg shuffle and was able to get a rog strix rtx3060.  This past weekend I added the cad and let my system run updates.  It wasn't until about Tuesday that I noticed ram RGB acting strange while I was attempting to control the graphic card RGB in iCue.

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