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readying the temp sensors guide

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I have 18 different temperatures pop up on my dashboard and I am wondering if there's anyone that knows how to decipher which reading is for where on my motherboard. I know that all of the sensors must be at least reading accurate as similar software like armoury crate and msi afterburner give pretty much all the same readings for my graphics card and the majority of my fans as well. my temps range from 66.20F to 201.20F right now and I'm just trying to figure out which sensor reading is coming from where. I have the ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F(WI-FI) mobo if it helps any that is being liquid cooled by the Corsair H60.  I also apparently have one fan that is also running at 62,580 rpm. has any one else had that reading specifically for fan #7 even though I only have 6 fans, 4rgb, 1 red led that came with the case and, 1 regular black(all are Corsair fans). Any help is greatly appreciated as I want to be able to run my computer as cool as I can

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3 hours ago, dvrob86 said:

know that all of the sensors must be at least reading accurate

Afraid not. CUE has not always been great at reading data collected from the motherboard, but currently there is an additional issue for Asus boards and junk data. You are going to have duplicates as well as some false readings. You don’t have 18 sensors to begin with.

Some you can exclude purely on value. If the room temp is 21C and you have motherboard components reporting 10-16C, you know these are false. Same thing on the high end. Nothing on your board is going be to be 100C plus at idle.  Most users are getting one or two that are at the maximum value of 216C or a few 0C. The 66K CPU fan reading is another of these. These are easy to delete. Once you whittle it down, you can load up something like HWiNFO that has sensor names. Then you can try and match what’s left. There should be only 5-7 remaining at that point. 

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