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ICue - keyboard lighting request - toggles


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Simple (hopefully) feature request to add to the lighting effects for keyboards. Please add a "toggle" type that we can use on the various toggle-able buttons (Cap Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock). The idea is that it should be possible to set default up/down values that are smart enough to know whether the toggle is active or not.

You can sort of create this effect using the following;

1. Set a static colour for the key

2. Set a custom-solid lighting effect and setting it to start and stop on keypress.

That works fine, the key will change to the custom-solid colour until you press it again, at which point it reverts to the static colour. Where the problem lies though, is that it's not smart enough to know whether Caps Lock is already active or not. So if for example another profile becomes active (like when you launch a game with an attached profile) it will just set the key to the static colour even though the Caps Lock key may be "on".

How it should work;

1. Choose custom-toggle for the key.

2. Set it's active and inactive colours.

So when a profile is activated it checks the button state and sets the button colour according to whether it's active or inactive.

Hope that made sense.

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