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Fan Compatibility SP120 RGB LED and SP120 RGB PRO

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Hello everyone! At the moment I have a Corsair 460X RGB case with three fans for air injection, model SP120 RGB LED (CO-9050059-WW). I wanted to buy another one of the same, but I can't find them on sale. I found a similar fan: SP120 RGB PRO (CO-9050093-WW). However, I have doubts whether the backlight of this cooler will be synchronized with the other three and whether it will be able to fully function with the backlight controller that was included with the 460X case. Can you help me with this?

And another question: If there are no power connectors left on my motherboard for the fans in the case, will it be possible to power an additional fan through a 6-connector splitter that comes with my case?

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The SP-RGB that came with the case are the original Corsair multi-RGB fan.  They were different that all the others that followed and were replaced some time ago.  Their unique nature means you cannot combine another type of RGB fan on the same controller, regardless of LED count. 


In chronological order...

SP-RGB - DC motor, 4 center LEDs, not compatible with other fans

SP-Pro - DC motor, 8 center LEDs, compatible with other 8 LED fans

SP-Elite - PWM motor, 8 center LEDs, compatible with other 8 LED fans


I don't remember what the 460x has in the back.  If it is a PWM repeater, then you can connect PWM fans to it and run it like a powered splitter.  However, I do not believe Corsair offered that back then so we need to be sure what you are referring to.  Additionally, those SP-RGB fans are DC voltage controlled fans and won't work with a PWM repeater.  


Not a lot of great options here aside from full replacement.  Since you need another controller for any other RGB fan type, you might do a 3 pack of the fan of your choice, then set that up top/rear.  The front SP-RGB remain controllable as a separate zone.  

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