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Blue Screen of Death with NVME MP510 480GB and MB Asus H310M-E

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Hello guys, I'm a computer technician and IT manager, I'm helping to maintain a friend's pc.
I would like to know if the 480GB M2 Corsair MP510 model (NVME PCIe Gen3 x4) is compatible with the ASUS H310M-E motherboard in its specifications it says that it supports 2280 in the case of an m2 2280 I imagine it would work, but the PC started to show blue screen! I have tested ram memory, reset cmos, power supply, windows, case, slot bus, among others, have already been tested, suspecting only the m2. Could you give me an opinion on the model if it is really compatible? Because in the specifications it does not include support for the chipset model 300, so I was left to suspect only the ssd nvme. Because I believe that it is not a problem, the HD/SSD tests did not present any problem, as it would be an incompatibility of parts only, I would like to take this doubt I am grateful.

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