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iCue on my Corsair RGB Strafe seems a bit flakey

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I have iCue running my Strafe RGB setup the way I like, my Win10.latest stays up for weeks at a time, with the screen locked but CPU NOT in sleep or hibernate since its running some server processes, and periodically when I wake the PC back up, the keyboard lights are dead until I unplug the 2nd USB cord and plug it back into the PC.

the PC is a Core I5-3570, with a Z77 chipset, stock clock speeds, and rock stable.   The system is generally solid, and none of my other USB devices are flakey.



hmmm, I may have been running an older iCue as I couldn't get into its control panel to see what version it was or if it needed an upgrade, so I just installed the lates iCue 4 which then ugpraded itself to 4.20.169, so I guess I'll hjave to give it a week and see if I lose my backlit keys again.


btw, I really wish it would leave the background illumination enabled when the PC is locked, as typing my unlock password with a black keyboard at night in a dimmly lit room is a pain.

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