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Fan curve configuration not working properly

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Hello Guys,

I have custom loop build in my 4000X case. Basically its tripple rad with 3x LL120 over rad and 2x LL120 as output.

Its cooling Ryzen 7 5800X and my 1070 (14 months waiting for new GPU). See the curve below? This is my setup I want to have, basically while idle my temp is below 58 on CPU (GPU is approximately -15 degrees under CPU all the time) so I want my speed by max 1200 rpm (nice quiet) and ramp up to 2400 while over 70 which happens in game only. But my RPM on the hydro fans, that are on rad never drop below 2200 no matter what I do.

Can you help me out? If you need more data, let me know, but highest temp is allways CPU, coolant is allways around 40 or less.





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