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cmx512-3200xlpt failing memtest

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I have a TWINX 2x512 3200xlpt #xms3208v1.1 0426109-1


xms 3200 512 400 2225


ASUS A8V-Deluxe bios 1011


When I have both sticks in for dual channel I will get a random error in games. I ran Memtest and got errors on 1 stick I took out the 2nd stick and re-ran the test it had 2 errors on the 1st stick. I can play just fine with the 2nd good stick. When the other is added my sys will freeze after playing a game for 10 min or so.


I have tried 2.8 volts but will still get a random error. One time on boot the bios reported mem error and would not count the 1024 meg in sys it would stop at 240meg or so. I also have a XMS 2x256 and when I use that to test my dual channel It works fine.


I seem to have it isolated to 1 stick of 512 that is giving me problems. Sys mem speed is default. I have an APC. The stick will not fail all the time in mem test but if you test long enough you will see an error. I bought these as a pair, please tell me if I need to send both in to be looked at. I do enjoy dual channel.





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