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Custom Build PC - RGB Help/Advice Needed

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I am doing my first custom build and have been going very slowly enjoying the process.  As I am approaching the finish line I have some questions and could use some advice.  I currently have two (2) Corsair Commander Core XTs to control 12 RGB Corsair fans (9 QL120s, 1 QL140, 2 LL120s).  I also have 3-4 other ARGB components and only 2 ARGB connections on my motherboard (Asus ROG Strix X570-E).

My question is should I just get a splitter to go from the mother board for the other components RGB (EK Pump, EK GPU Waterblock and EK CPU Waterblock) or can I use a third Corsair Commander Core XT to control those RGB devices?  



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You can get 3rd party adapters to connect other 5v RGB products to Corsair controllers.  This is the one I use for my EK pump.  This works better for consecutive LEDs like strips vs multiple non-Corsair fans.  Fortunately the EK pump and blocks are just strips so it comes down to picking the right component in CUE to "match" the number of LEDs.  Corsair strips are 10 LEDs, the Hydro X gear usually 16, and that probably is all you will need.  Most EK pumps are 10, the CPU 20 LEDs, so that is easy to do with strips.  If I remember correctly the GPU is less than 10, but it does not matter if it is less.  You can program it to 6, 7, 8 LEDs etc.  You do need a RGB channel and you have two -- one on each XT.  So the next question is whether any two of the CPU/GPU/pump can be chained together to share a RGB channel or if you need a splitter for that as well.  


Obviously plan B is to connect them directly to the MB 5v RGB.  Whether that is acceptable may depend on the MB control software.  Some are really hard to use with CUE.  Others are just difficult in their own right.  Your pretty heavily invested with the fans, so it may make sense to move everything possible to the CUE side.  

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