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Corsair Commander Core (H150i Elite Capellix) Constant Disconnects

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Hello, up front I just want to say I am aware there are other threads on this issue. I am posting just to try to bump the attention on this problem a bit.

I really love the corsair ecosystem, I think hardware looks awesome and I enjoy having iCue as a single solution for lighting and fan control. So my goal in posting is to try raise some more attention so they can fix it for us!

Here is a good existing thread on the issue: 


TLDR; The commander Core that comes with this AIO will constantly disconnect/connect, where you can see there LEDs flash inside the case for a second, and you can hear the Windows USB connect/disconnect sound. This can happen every second for several minutes at a time, then it might stop for an hour or so to return later.


I have a few points to highlight, and a question.

Internal USB Hubs do not solve this problem

I purchased a gen3 NZXT USB hub, and it worked for about a week but it's started happening again now. I find if I swap the cables around to different ports on the hub it helps for a little bit, but it always comes back and I don't want to open my PC every day.

No difference on Windows 10 / 11

I have Windows 10 and 11 installed on partitions on my boot drive and it happens on both. I thought it might have been something weird to do with how Windows 11 handles threads differently to W10, but after trying on W10 can confirm it's the same on both.


Is the Commander Core that comes with the H150i specific to that AIO? The pump USB connector looks like it's a unique connector, and the Commander Core slot it plugs into doesn't look like a normal USB input.

Reason I ask: is it not possible to buy a replacement Commander Core? Would I need to replace the whole AIO? The Commander Core XT doesn't seem to have the same USB input slot as the one on the AIO CCore so I'm thinking this is the case?


Temp solution:

I have disabled USB connect/disconnect sounds in Windows for now so I don't get driven mad, with fingers crossed that Corsair can send out a firmware update to solve it.




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Hey @Corsair Fer, thanks for the response.

Is it possible to replace just the Commander Core for this AIO? I'm finding now that every time it connects/disconnects full screen applications like games lag for a second and are unplayable.

If possible I would like to try a replacement in case the one I have is faulty.


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