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Pwm fan repeater

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I recently bought the 7000D Airflow tower. I am installing a total of 12 fans, I have one commander core xt with my H170i and I am wondering if I connect the remainder 6 fans to the stock PWM repeater which I got with my case, can I control those fans using the icue software as well? Ps. I'm using non RGB 120mm fans for the front and side and 140mm for the radiator and exhaust.

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It does not matter whether the fans are RGB or not, Corsair or not.  As long as they are 4 pin PWM fans this will work.  The PWM repeater is effectively a powered 6 way splitter.  One lead will connect to the Commander Core and that header will control all fans on the PWM circuit board.  If you are thinking about push pull on the 420mm radiator, then that makes a very easy solution.  

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