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Corsair One i164 CPU Cooler suddenly started to make noise after 2 years

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For a few days now my CPU cooler has been making strange noises. I have followed the steps in the following video (https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045227371) but unfortunately nothing has improved. Until a few days ago, this was not heard. After testing a lot and playing around with the fan settings in iCUE, i noticed, that the cooler starts to make rattling noises when it gets over 38°C.

I did open a support ticket within Corsair support. But they told me that this could happen and that my warranty is not valid anymore since the PC is older than 2 years. I asked them if I can buy a new CPU cooler (unfortunately, my cooler is not available on the corsair website) but they told me that this cooler cannot be exchanged and bought after market. 

Does somebody face a similar issue?

I was extremely happy with my i164 but very disappointed with the support. If that is not fixable, I can no longer recommend a corsair to anyone and I wont buy a new one in future.

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