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Help Installing 7 QL120 Fans

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I want to install 7 QL 120 fans on my case. I am not sure how to connect the RGB and the PWM in a safe way without burning the cables. I was thinking of buying a commander pro and connecting the 7 fans to it (with a splitter 3 to 1) and the RGB to two differnet RGB controller. Can I connect both RGB controllers to the LED port of the Commander Pro and use normally?

I would also connect a lighting node pro to the usb port of the commander pro to connect some led strips and the Lian Li strimmer to be able to use them with ICUE.

Does this sounds alright? I would only need one USB on the motherboard right? I only have two and one is already occupied.

I am also using the Capellix 150i, in case that is relevant information

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For PWM control, get one 2-way PWM splitter. Don’t use triples. It’s a bit too close to the current limit and they often bring control out issues on the Commander. 

The LNP can piggyback off the Commander usb connection if you are on an Intel board. AMD users typically can’t get away with that and it causes the devices to drop in and out. Most users need a powered usb hub to handle multiple USB 2 connections. 

As for the fan RGB part, this is from the same question earlier today. 

Officially you need another RGB controller and then you divide you fans between the two RGB controllers in a way that makes sense for your build (6+1, 3+4, etc). Besides the extra wiring this divides the fans into two separately controlled groups and you can’t do continuous moving effects between different controllers. 

The other option is an RGB splitter from a 3rd party. This will “twin” the two fans on the splitter and each will display the same effect at the same time. Works just fine for stationary lighting, but moving fan to fan patterns will cause #6 and #7 (or whichever is paired) to fire simultaneously. 

However, you are not going to have the RGB lighting hubs to make use of the Commander Pro RGB ports. Those are required for fan use and supply the extra 5v. This means you may need to use the Lighting Node Cores from the QL multipack for fan RGB and then the C-Pro RGB ports for strips. That will be 3 usb 2 connections. 

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