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Void wireless pro randomly turning off volume

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Let me cut to the chase, my 4 year old headphones have recently started to cause me trouble, where it will at random times decide to start lowering the volume, straight to 0. I'll raise it back up again either through windows or the switch on the headset, but yet again it'll drop back down again. I have had no issues with the headset until now, and I would like to not have to invest in a new headset if I can help it.
I am currently running windows 10, and both iCUE and the headset have the latest software.

Any help is appreciated! Let me know if there's any more information I can provide to help solve the issue.

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Hi notporgu,

First time I've heard about this issue, can you open a ticket with our support team and see if they have a solution? If not then it might be possible that the internal hardware may have degradation over the 4 years time...

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