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Corsair ML120 PRO for an old HP Microserver N36L


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Hey All, I need some help to figure out if the ML120 PRO PWM will work on this old server i have HP N36L Microserver. The Noctua main case fan i had installed 10 years ago is dying so i'm looking to upgrade to something more modern. ML120 seems to fit the specs.

Some of the requirements
1. The BIOS does a fan check to ensure it can idle at 700+RPM (35% throttle of full fan speed) - at 2400RPM, this should idle at around 840RPM.
2. PWM pinout needs to be reconfigured as HP uses a non-standard arrangement

What does the connector on this fan look like? (i've never used a Corsair before)  - Can someone confirm the connector on this model is 4 pin, and what is the pin layout?

As the header on the mobo has arrangement of - i assume i will have to release the pins from the connector and re-pin it / find an adapter.

Pin Name Color
1 Control green
2 GND black
3 +12V red
4 Sense yellow

Thanks in advance


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