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ICUE Disabling My Corsair Products

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I'm thankful because after pulling my hair out for a long time, I think I've finally figured out my issue that is ICUE.

Background info on my issue:

Around October, I was in the middle of playing a game when my mouse and keyboard just randomly disconnected and didn't reconnect. I unplugged them both and plugged them back in. From then on, only my mouse would disconnect and reconnect at random, at first it was about once or twice a day with it slowly becoming more and more frequent. Lately it was every 5 minutes, which as you can probably assume was very frustrating.

I tried fix after fix after fix. Things like changing my power settings so my computer didn't disconnect things to save power, or reinstalling my drivers, or checking to see if my USB ports were busted along with many other "fixes." Finally it got to the point where I reset my computer while keeping my files.

One of the first things I did was reinstall ICUE, and the issue began happening again, only this time, not my mouse. My mouse is fine now, but my keyboard was doing it, disconnecting and reconnecting constantly. However, if I quit ICUE and make it stop running, my devices no longer disconnect.

My ICUE is full up to date thanks to me having to reinstall it on my computer.

Does anyone have a fix, so I can keep using ICUE but it not disconnect my keyboard every 2 seconds? Or an explanation of why this is happening?

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