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Six Capellix ML RGB fans is an issue?


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Just built a new rig for a friend. I used 6 brand new ML RGB fans that came from two Capellix AIOs I installed in my personal rigs.

 The fans work. All 6 were rainbow from the moment I powered on the pc. As soon as I installed iCue and updated the Commander “PRO” the lighting on four of the fans stopped working. The other three show as the four LED ML Pros in iCue. All six fans show up in iCue and they do show lighting effects are applied. Changing the effects on the last three do nothing. 

The case is the Corsair 465x RGB that came with three LLs, Commander Pro and a RGB Hub. There’s no option for the Capellix ML RGB fans in the fan setup in iCue, only ML RGB Pros. I’m wondering if I need a Commander “Core” or “Core XT.” Any thoughts? Thanks y’all!!!

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I am going to assume you are using one of the Commander Core controllers from the Elite AIO kit. Those use an auto detect for RGB and PWM ports to detect fan type. It seems like you bought several 4 LED ML-Pro fans and have mixed them with the 8 LED ML-Elite fans from the AIO kit. The Commander Core should be able to differentiate the two regardless of order and show them as either 4 or 8 LEDs. If you are using them on a different RGB controller like a lighting node core that does not have individual RGB port control, it cannot manage different fan LED counts. 

Can you elaborate as to which fan type is connected to which controller and how the LL fans fit into this?

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I’m using 6 brand new ML RGB fans that came with two separate Capellix AIOs. 
These are not the 4 LED ML Pros that you buy separate from Corsair.

Im not using the Commander “Core.” I’m using a Commander “Pro.” And Corsair RGB Hub. Both came from Corsair with a 465x RGB case.

I mentioned the LLs as they came with the case I’m using. However they aren’t a part of this build. 

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All the other lighting controllers are serial so a bad LED on fan #3 will stop the lighting right there. However, first make sure you have properly configured the Lighting Setup for the Commander Pro to “8 LED fan series X 6”. If you told it you are using ML Pro fans (a 4 LED fan) it will only generate 24 LEDs or exactly enough to cover your first three fans. 

If you’ve set it up as 8 LED x 6 and it’s still stopping somewhere around fan 3/4, try moving fan 4 to the #6 port. If #4 is the bad fan 1-5 should light up and you’ve identified the problem. If it’s still 1-3 only, then try putting #3 at the end. The bad led could be at the end of that fan. 

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