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Fans Not Detecting In ICUE

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So basically I have 10 Sp120 RGB fans in my system and for some reason my icue software isn't detecting any of the connected fans. I have 4 connected to my commander core and the other 6 routed to my pre-installed fan/rgb headers built into my case(corsair 5000x). My motherboard only has 1 USB2.0 header so I had to purchase a Usb header extension(1 to 4), so all of my USB cables are connected to that. I was wondering if that may be the problem since they are not connected directly to my motherboard?

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The Commander Core uses an auto detect protocol for RGB and PWM so it should be able to detect fan type even when mixing fan types on its RGB side. However, you need to be very precise about the name of the fan. The SP-RGB is a 4 LED DC motor fan from 2016 or so and was the original full RGB fan. I don’t think it will work on that controller and it will be stuck at max speed to boot. On the other hand the SP-Elite is an 8 LED fan, PWM, and designed for that controller along with the RGB identical ML-Elite OEM fans that come with the AIO.  The 5000x comes with 3 SP-Elite, but mixing in old SP-RGB fans will cause issues. Can you clarify your fan type?

All other fan controllers besides the Com Core/XT require manual configuration. Go to lighting setup and tell it fan type and number. Both the SP-Elite and ML-Elite are “8 LED fan series” and are identical for lighting purposes. 

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