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Hello, one strip is still on white, even if I turn off the computer, three strips go off and the other one stays on white. Could it be that it "burned out"? I've tried all types of illumination, but the final effect is still the same, it's on white. Could somebody help me?

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I've been having some weird issues with mine freezing and not reacting to profiles I've created...but only in one of the two channels.  Not sure what's going on.

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Hey radoslav, no idea if you figured out your problem...but turns out one of my strips was dying and creating havoc with the rest.  I just ordered some replacements and I think it'll work.  Not sure if the strips themselves are super fragile...or the connectors, but I'm guessing you've got an issue similar to me.  Been seeing a lot of posts online with people who had damaged strips.

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