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iCue4 refuses to install on chosen volume

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Hi everybody, 

As stated in the title: I'm trying to install iCue on my volume D (since C is reserved for Windows and pretty full always) but although I change the installing path to D every single time, it stops and complains there's not enough space on C, which... yeah??? That's not where you're supposed to install anyways...???? 

I don't know what to do. Redownload of the install exe didn't change anything, neither did restarting the pc or anything.
Please help me!

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I believe you must install on the C drive. You can wait for someone from Corsair to confirm, but this has come up before. If you are running 98% on your C drive, you likely need to do some reorganization anyway. That may cause you some issues in daily activity. 

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But thanks anyways! And yea, I guess I have to upgrade my SSD soon...

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