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Virtuoso moody about when it wants to work


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I had a VOID RGB Elite.  The sound was great.  Had it for a while and decided to get a new headset for the new build.  Picked up a Virtuoso RGB. Sounded great at first, but I hadn't been using it for Discord.  Please let me know if you have had these issues and if you found any ways to fix them. 

When I am using the headset for music or solo gaming, I have no problems.  USB and wireless both work fine.  The microphone is not connected.  However, if I connect with friends on Discord, with the microphone connected, and I am wireless, I get about 15 seconds of clear audio, then the static starts, the speaker's voice fades into the static, then the audio cuts out completely. The other players cannot hear me. I then have to slide the switch to USB, plug in the cable and everything works fine.  Yes, the battery is fully charged.

I have tried all the "fixes" I have read about in the forums.  Not using iCUE, switching to Windows Spatial Sound or Dolby Atmos, editing the registry, uninstalling and reinstalling iCUE, etc.  The VOID RGB worked fine as did an HP OMEN Mindframe.  

Any thought?

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