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ST100 RGB - Background Hissing/Static Noise


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As the title says, I've encountered at issue using the ST100 RGB, involving a background static/hissing noise.

This noise only ever happens when there is foreground audio playing (music, game sounds etc.), but it remains the same volume, regardless of how loud the foreground noises are. So when I have quiet music playing, the hissing sound overpowers the music and drowns it out. 

I'm plugged in using the 3.5mm audio jack, with Audio Technica ATH-M50X headphones. The stand itself is plugged into my rear I/O with the provided USB A-microB cable.

It's a strange issue, and I dont have much of an idea about what could be causing it. I've tried disabling the RGB, in case of any interference generated by the LED's or controller, but that hasn't changed anything. Altering windows audio settings doesn't do anything, and the iCue settings are the same deal.

If anyone else has encountered the issue and solved it, any information would be greatly appreciated.

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