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Hello Corsair, 

I have two questions, my motherboard is Gigabyte Z590 Gaming x, my processor is I7 11700k, by intel listings the cpu support up to 3200 Mhz, now I wanted to ask because I dont find answer anywhere else,

What are the XMP profile of vengeance sl 8Gb 3600 (e.g Profile 1 3600 18.17... , Profile 2 3200 16.15.... or it might only have 1 XMP profile at 3600 Mhz) 


Which one should i get, I wanted to get the 3600 version so when it runs at 3200 there will be 400Mhz clearance from the stable limit, but Im unsure if there even XMP profile for 3200Mhz with the vengeance 3600. Or is that clearance is bad and I should aim at the vengeance 3200? 


Please help me make a decision as I dont find information anywhere else 🙏

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My SL's only have 3600 for an XMP profile. You could set it manually ... but why? While that's what the Intel spec says, you will run perfectly fine at 3600 (or even faster). The Intel memory specs have always been crazily conservative.

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