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iCue intermittently, repeating problems

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I have a K55 Keyboard for some time, ICue installed. No Problems.
Some month ago, I added a Scimitar Mouse RGB Pro. Some weeks, no problems.

But since a period of some weeks. I constantly have problems.

ICue doesn't detect one of the devices. Sometimes no device.
Sometimes iCue stops working correctly after some time.
Rebooting, reinstalling iCue, Versions 3, Versions 4, doen't change anything.

Sometimes it works fine fpr some days, then problems start again.

I changed usb ports, tryed driver update. Helps, for some time, then again, problems are back.

So, someone has a solution? Or do really have to leave Corsair system and change brand?


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Seems like Corsair is going the way, that Razer did.

Unable to produce stable working software/drivers. That caused me to leave Razer eco system.

Now, I think, I have no chance, to go same way with Corsair.

Problems, over problems, sometimes working, sometimes not. With old, with new PC, and no solution.

Not for me, not for other buddies, writing here.

Very sad.

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