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Corsair HS80 mic auto mute beetween apps?

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Got this problem from the day i bought those headphones..

They got an auto mute function if you push up manually the microphone, and it work well, as well as the light to signal if it is On or Off.

The problem i have is with discord, after i start a call or enter a room: the moment i click on another window, the light turn on and the mic get switched off.

If i push up the mic, and down again, that window get "free" from this auto muting stuff: discord and that windows works now fine.

Then i press on a different window, and here we go again, mic off. Turn it up and down. it work normally too... And so on.

Why this bug exist? anyone got it? ICUE version is v. 4.19.191

mic auto

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Found the solution. Partially.

To "free" all the profile from the mute mode, i just set the mic to active in all my profiles, then in the settings i pressed restart services.

After that, every time i reboot the pc the mic is not muted on random profiles.


Still, when i open discord, the default profile get muted automatically, and remain like that until i push it up and down.

I think it's some bug with discord then.

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