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H170i Elite + Core XT + Commander Pro - Daisy Chaining

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Quick question about daisy chaining and my AIO.

Right now I have my AIO (H170i Elite) plugged into my Core XT, with the pump USB and the hub's USB going into a splitter, then to a single USB header on my board. I I also have an extra Commander Pro that's controlling 6 extra case fans in my 7000D that is plugged into the other USB header.

Is it possible to have the pump's USB and Core XT's USB, plugged into the Commander Pro's two extra USB ports, instead of using the provided splitter cable? I'd love to be able to free up a USB header on my board since I only have two. Will the devices show up normally within iCue if I did this?

Also is it normal for iCue not to show the Core XT as a separate device inside the dashboard? I assume so since I can control the fans, pump, etc. under the AIO settings, but wanted to make sure.



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