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Installed vengeance cmsx16gx4m1a3200c22 Now Thinkpad will not boot


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Lenovo Thinkpad E15 Gen 3 (AMD)

According to Lenovo's spec, this RAM should work.  There is 8GB hard wired with one empty slot.  When I put the Corsair stick in the empty slot, the laptop will not boot.  I've tried many times.  Sometimes a black screen, sometimes it hangs on the logo screen, sometimes I can access the BIOS, but most of the time, can not.  On one attempt (and only ONE), I saw that there was 24GB memory installed, but I could do nothing else.  Never once did it manage to start Windows, which was a clean install.  I'm sure that I'm getting the stick seated properly, so that's not the problem.    When I remove it, the laptop boots and functions as normal.

Contacted Lenovo support, but it was a waste of time as they gave it no thought or effort.  They just noted that since their laptop works after I take the RAM out, it is defective and I should return it.  So I did return it.  The seller says it tests OK and will not refund my money!  To be honest, I'm not convinced that the RAM is no good, but I don't know how to get it working.  There are no specific settings in the BIOS (that I can find). to configure the memory.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated since, as it stands now... the seller has my RAM and I am out 80 bucks lol

Thanks in advance,


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