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Corsair 7000D 14 fan build

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Looking around I am not sure that I have seen a direct answer to my questions below or at least did not find it.  I will be building a z690 system very soon and am using the following:

  • 4 QL 120's
  • 10 QL 140's (6 in push pull on the H170i)
  • Corsair 7000D with built in built in splitter (up to 6 fans)
  • Corsair H170i Elite LCD

I have a Commander Core XT, a Commander Pro (from inventory) and the H170i comes with the Commander Core.

Apart from the issues I hear about getting the H170I Elite LCD working correctly, I am debating on how I want to wire things up.  Initially I was going to have all 6 140 fans on the commander core that comes with the H170i and then use the Commander Core XT for the remaining 4 140mm fans and use the PWN splitter for the 4 120's.   So a couple of questions:

  • Can I plug in the splitter/repeater that comes with the case into the Commander Core XT and have it control the 4 120's fan speed in sync from the one port?  Since the splitter/repeater is powered would this work? 
  • Would there be a benefit to use the Commander Pro instead?

For USB, I have 2 USB 2.0 headers on the motherboard and was going to use a NZXT USB HUB to give me more options.  I think I will need at least 4 USB headers.  2 for the H170i (Screen and pump), one for the Core XT and one more for one of the RGB modules that come with the QL fans.

I appreciate any thoughts anyone may have on this or if there is a way I can simplify things or make them better.


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hi buddy...




yes. use the PWM repeater supplied with the case. this will work as you expect. and present its self as a single fan in icue.. i currently have one commander running 32 fans this way lol..


and i would go with the Commander Core XT and an RGB Fan LED Hub as your control for all the fans not connected the the H170i 🙂 . 


Good luck on your quest.. and see links in my signature below for more on these devices and subjects

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Thanks Zotty!  I appreciate you taking the time to respond and verify that my plan will work as expected.  🙂

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