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XL5 vs. XL8 Coolant

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I have an older system that has a custom cooling loop that uses all of the various Hydro X Series components sold by Corsair.  This includes the XD5 Pump/Reservoir, XC7 CPU Water Block, XG7 GPU Water Block, XM2 M.2 Water Blocks (x2), XR5 360 Radiator w/ LL120 Fans, XR5 420 Radiator w/ LL140 Fans, 14mm XT Hardline Tubing and various XF Hardline Fittings.  When I built the loop I used XL5 Clear Performance Coolant.  I have since flushed the system and filled it up again with new XL5 Coolant.  I always like to have extra on hand in case there is ever an issue where the system needs to be disassembled.

I now want to buy some XL5 and cannot find it being sold.  All I find is the XL8.  I understand that the formula for the XL8 is to meet certain countries environmental requirements.  Does anyone know if the XL5 will ever be available again or do I now need to buy the XL8?  If this is the case I hear the two should not be mixed together.  This would indicate that the next time I do any work with the loop I would need to flush it well to be sure the XL5 is out before filling with the XL8.

Just looking for the correct information as not to have any issues in the future should I upgrade to new hardware (when prices become more reasonable - should that day ever come) which will require a rebuild.

Thanks for all of the input, and as always, it is appreciated.

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Good question.  Originally I was under the impression there was a geographic split between the XL5 and XL8 versions.  XL5 continued to be available in the US but is now been removed from the Corsair website.  There are trace amount floating in the wild (probably colored), but it seems there was a reason to do a full shift to the XL8 version.  I have not heard any official announcement, but it does seem like XL5 is done.


Perhaps we can get this moved into the Hydro X forum where the right people will see it. 

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