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Intel i9-11900 memory clock speed and XMP Profile Compatibility

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Hi I have an Intel Intel i9-11900 in the Product Specs I found that it is compatible with DDR4-3200


Does this mean "up to 3200Mhz"?

I'm wondering if the Corsair Vengeance LPX 64 GB (4 X 16 GB) 3000Mhz SKU CMK64GX4M4D3000C16 will work with that CPU,

thanks in advance for your help,

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Intel sets a maximum frequency they guarantee for each cpu model. When DDR4 first launched along with the Haswell-E CPU line the default mark was 2133 MHz. As memory controllers got better with subsequent cpu generations the line moved up to 2400, 2666, and finally 3200 on the last Rocket Lake series.

On lower tier cpu models you need to be more careful in selecting higher binned or higher volume RAM. A 11900 non-K should have no issue with 4 x 16GB at 3000 and that is what Intel is specifying, but also check the motherboard specifications for capacity. The RAM, CPU, and motherboard can all be the limiting factor. 

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