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KATAR Pro not working after firmware update

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I downloaded the iCUE software and  KATAR PRO firmware update notification came up. I waited for it to be updated After a while update screen went away and KATAR pro stopped working. I also tried on different computers and different operating systems, but mouse is not detected. When I connect the mouse to computer, Connecting with name CRP DISABLD. There is a file named "firmware.bin" in it. I wrote to Corsair support, they just suggested I reinstall the iCUE software. It still didn't work. What should I do?


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Hi, I would like to ask you for help. I have the similar problem. Bought new Katar Pro and it was working after first plug in, then I went to check iCUE and updated it. Then it asked to upgrade firmware on mouse. After a while it showed it was unsuccessful and cursor was frozen. I restarted pc and since then my mouse is "dead". I can only see that sensor is red... Made ticket yesterday but no answer so far. Can somebody give me some advice please?

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