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I Bought The Corsair Vengence Memory Kit and It doesn't work.

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September 1st 2021 I bought the memory kit from Amazon and when i recieved the 4 RAM sticks one of them didn't work. I put all 4 in and my PC turned on but my mouse, keyboard, monitor wouldn't turn on. I took one out and then it worked fine. I tried everything from updating every driver and even bios but none of them worked.I even tested every single RAM slot and its only one certain stick. I was a bit upset that I couldn't use the RAM to maximum potentsial (32GB). So I decided to just keep one of them in my drawer and now about 5 months later i decided to try again and still no luck. I would really love if i could someway replace that one stick. I bought the kit from Amazon so replacing on Amazon is not possible.

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