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Corsair K95 RGB - Caps/Num/Scroll Lock LEDs Stop Responding

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Dear support,

My K95 RGB's Caps/Num/Scroll Lock LEDs will randomly stop working, during the day.

When I start up my system, they will work. Sometimes they stop working shortly after booting, other times they will work for hours on end. But never do I see a whole day of them working. They always stop responding at some point.

The keys themselves still work. Toggling caps lock will let me switch between typing lower/upper case letters. Toggling num lock will let me type numbers on the numeric keys. I'm sure scroll lock works too, even though I never use it.

It's only the LEDs that stop responding. They can get stuck in their off state or in their on state. When stuck in the off state, they refuse to turn on. When stuck in the on state, they refuse to turn off.

This problem has been around for a long time. I'm surprised it never got fixed. It's starting to become annoying.

It can't be a hardware problem, because:

  • My other K95 RGB also has this.
  • It also happened on my previous Win 10 installation.
  • Rebooting fixes it.
  • It wasn't always like this.

It's got to be a software problem. Although shutting down iCUE doesn't make stuck-in-on LEDs turn off. Restarting iCUE doesn't work: it takes a long time to start and then goes into 'not responding' mode.

Does anybody else have stuck lock LEDs on their K95 RGB?

Can it be fixed with a driver update?



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  • Corsair Employees

If you feel like you need actual product support contacting our support team by opening a ticket at https://help.corsair.com would probably be best.

Based on the description of the issue it does indeed sound like the LEDs are failing. This cannot be a software issue as the iCUE software does not have any control over the CAPSLOCK/SCROLL LOCK/NUMLOCK indicator LEDs.

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but the firmware should have such control, and firmware is software as well. So yeah...

i'm wondering for a while now if corsair has some actual technical educated employees or just only marketeers who know nothing about computer technicalities really.

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Also, the fact that the mute indicator on the k100 doesn't go off instantly with another new icue version , this tells me icue does have something to say about those light indicators. 
Installing an older icue version fixes that indicator light problem, so yeah i don't believe to much anymore from corsair excuses when they don't seem to know what they are doing.

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I don't think the LEDs are failing. I have multiple of these keyboards and if I remember correctly, the one I was using previously had it too.

I tend to agree with frizur, here. Every interface is a leaky abstraction. The inner workings always shine through. And the firmware is indeed software, which can indeed get updated.

The problem exists. Hard to imagine I'm the only one in the world who has it, across multiple Win10 installations and multiple keyboards.

I'll hook up another one of my K95's soon, just to be sure. This problem seems hard to diagnose, so I'm not sure if I'll ever find the cause, even with Corsair support's help.

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