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Corsair One - A word of caution...

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To all who seek to purchase the Corsair One...  I've been building PC's for decades because it's fun and keeps me up to date from a hardware perspective.  I've always liked the ability to build/update my computer as I'm not a very rich person and this stuff can get expensive.  In March of 2019 I was so impressed with the Corsair One due to the efficiency of design that I took the plunge ( and I mean really took the plunge - went all the way up ).  

So when the AIO failed a few weeks ago, I really didn't think it was a big deal.  Corsair is a big company now ( I remember when you weren't and gaming wasn't a billion dollar industry ) so I would simply get another AIO and replace...  Nope - the chassis ( which is really cool - props ) expects side mounted coolant tubes for the radiator to comply with the form factor.  Shucks, ok - no worries - I'll contact Corsair.  So I did and understanding I was out of the 2 year warranty mentioned that I would be happy to pay for the parts.

Here is the response 


Jan 24, 2022, 21:56 PST 

Hi xxxxx,
Thank you for attaching a copy of the invoice. We’re sorry to inform you the unit itself has a 2 warranty that would have expired March 31, 2021.
Unfortunately, we are unable to replace the part at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.



I'm feeling pretty dropped and a bit foolish for going all in on the Corsair One.  Please do not get me wrong - the system is great and ( believe me ) I understand parts break and time moves on.  That being said, I would have expected a path of resolution from Corsair ( I mean your still selling the form factor ) and I didn't ask for anything free.

So I have a $5k+ set of components sitting on my desk...    

The word of caution in that there are cheaper solutions out there in custom form factor so if the same thing happens to you - you will not be so much out of pocket.  I also understand that not everyone enjoys building their own rig either but if you do - buyer beware on this one.

Corsair - guys, I've purchased so many components from you over the years but I have to say this one really disappoints me.  It was the confidence in your products and support that encouraged me to go into the Corsair One back in 2019.  As you scale beyond your 2020 1.7B revenue, don't forget the little guy. I'm still a buyer even after I've purchased your system.    


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Corsair Mods can you guys touch on this please???  If this guy cannot even pay to get a replacement part or absolutely no way for this gentleman to fix his system that's a crime. 

I call out to the Mods and Corsair team to please speak up to help this customer.

Zplx, dude sorry this is happening to ya. If we don't hear from Corsair in a week, I'll most likely be returning my C1 soon as it comes. Keep us updated please.

Common Corsair team, what options does this guy have, help him out ya'll.  This can't be right.

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I had a CPU AIO fail on my A100 after about a year of use. I did this ....

Corsair eventually also sent me a complete set of repcement AIOs. I sure do hope the parts will be availed off the shelf soon.

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