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ICUE integration with Gigabyte (RGB Fusion 2.0) and other unsupported RGBs


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This post is not about a direct intergration between iCUE and RGB fusion 2.0 but a more than working workaround with only 2 open background apps and it has multiple brand support from which all RGB items can be controlled.

So to start this off, make sure you have SignalRGB by Whirlwind FX installed. Close all other RGB programs except iCUE. Then go into iCUE and turn off all lighting effects or dim them all out i.e. set to black.

Then open SignalRGB and choose an RGB scheme. You will then find all your RGB items working on the same scheme. There is also a layout tab where you can place each RGB device. This works for all non iCUE supported RGB hardware.

I have an Aorus Motherboard and GPU as well as Gamdias case fanse and they all are working.


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