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PBT Double Shot Pro Keycap White Compatibility

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First time posting here- I hope I chose the correct category

Anyway, I have a K95 RGB Platinum XT with MX Speed switches and I was wondering, if the PBT Double Shot Pro Keycap Arctic White is compatible with my K95 XT. I've only seen pictures of K100's and some other keyboards with these keycaps, but not the K95 XT.  I haven't found a clear answer and hope that someone can help make things clear.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @buddypat,

our PBT Double Shot Pro keycap sets are made for keyboards with standard bottom row (this means all keycaps of the bottom row - except for space bar - have the same size). This does include our newer keyboard models like K100, K65 Mini, K60 Pro (SE) and K70 TKL. However it does not include or K95 Platinum XT. This keyboard doesn't have a standard bottom row. So the keycaps will fit except for the keys of the bottom row.

Thank you and best regards,


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