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iCUE 5000X left tempered glass panel shattered

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  • 6 months later...

The left side panel just shattered on me, more exploded. I’ve had the tower for 3 days, I unboxed it today and assembled my PC. I was very gentle. I removed the left panel to adjust a fan, after I removed the panel while holding it it literally blew up in my hands. Glass pieces flew 5-10 feet. The glass pieces kept popping like popcorn for another 10 minutes or so. This is not normal. This should be a sturdy panel that is safe to remove and handle. The tower was upright, on a sturdy desk. I don’t feel I should have to buy a replacement and I don’t want to use a different tower since I bought the matching AIO and additional Corsair fans for this assembly, but I’m also afraid with a replacement this will happen again. I spent too much on RGB parts to cover up with a metal panel. I wish there was an acrylic option.



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