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Value Select w/A-DATA


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Just installed a 1gb stick of Value select DDR400/PC3200 in my PC. Definate performance boost over the previous A-DATA 2x512 DDR400/PC3200 set up.


Here's my problem though.


I'd like to add the two A-DATA sticks to the Corsair for a 2gb total.


I'm using a Gigabyte GA-K8NS mobo with an AMD 64 2800+.


With the Corsair in the first slot, when I add the A-DATA...the bios (and windows) detects only the A-DATA memory...512 or 1gb depending on how many modules I add.


I had had some random crashes and other issues using the A-DATA memory so I'm thinking this memory may be at fault...or possibly there's a bios setting that needs to be changed...I can't find any memory related settings in my bios though.


Any ideas?

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Most likely mixing the RAM will not work. However, you might want to try setting the MOBO to SPD timings for the RAM and make sure that your RAM voltage is up to about 2.7v or 2.8v. If it won't run stable in that configuration, then it is prolly not going to work.



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With AMD 64 platform you cannot mix memory, all of the modules would need to be exactly matched. In addition, with 4 modules you may need to run the memory at DDR333 as well.
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