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K100 RGB Sticky Space Bar

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I have new K100 RGB keyboard at premium cost of $369 so imagine my extreme disappointment when from day one the space bar continually sticks.

Thinking it would free up with use I persisted for for couple of weeks but my frustration with the sticky space bar led to this forum looking for a solution, engineering floor post by Guydodge in 2020. Apart from Guydodge's solution to stick pads under the bar, which after paying $369 for what is supposed to be premium product, I should not have to do, I note a reply from Corsair stating improvements have been made to the new K100 RGB and K60 keyboards.

Yet mine continually sticks. So clearly not very effective improvements are they Corsair?

Would like to know if there are any better solutions than sticking pads under the space bar to reduce the travel.


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Hey same! Brand new keyboard that’s well overpriced and now the space bar is sticky/stuck after maybe a month of use. Wouldn’t recommend this exspensive keyboard 

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