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Corsair iCUE controlling Cooler Master 200mm RGB Fans


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So here I am "again" trying to find a solution to my dilemma. I have a  Cooler Master H500 Master Case with 2x 200mm RGB Fans on the front side of it [beautiful, BTW] but my Z370 Aurous Gaming 7 mobo software is deplorable. All I want to do is control the fan[s] colors, NOT speed, with my iCUE software. Whenever I change the color of the front fans, I have to restart my PC and go into BIOS in order to change the color I want to go with. Then I have to change my settings in iCUE to match. I would really, really want to be able to change the color of these fans from one place.

Has "anyone" out there found a way to do this? I am sure there are others out there that have this very same question. Only no answers.

PS: I am willing to buy a "new" PC Tower made by Corsair that is very similar in theory as the Cooler Master H500 Case. Only I have NOT found one yet that has 4 USB ports on the front/top of the case. Anyone out there know of one?

Thank you in advance.

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Haven't seen these specific fans, but as a general point, if the LEDs on them are the regular 5 volt addressable digital RGB WS2812B-compatible, fully controlling them with iCue is usually pretty uncomplicated.

A Lighting Node Pro/Lighting Node Core/Commander Core XT/etc  and a bit of legerdemain on the wiring to sort out connector compatibility, and experimenting with the software to find a configuration that (most closely) matches your fans, and you should be fine.

How many LEDs does each fan have?

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