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A dead stick!?

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So the other day I purchase a CORSAIR XMS 1GB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 400 (PC 3200) the one with leds; to put in to my new system. Im running on an A8N-SLI ASUS motherboard and when I first put the stick in to memory slot a1, the board would not start, no problem here, I put the stick in to slot b1 and it started up fine. Bad news is that within 24 hrs, the computer would not restart. The motherboard im guessing is still running on its standard bios as i did not get a chance to update them yet. All red leds flash when booting, and then pauses, no system will load. Is this a case of faulty memory?


Any information would be helpful; too bad i dont have another stick of memory to test with.


Thanks Duvatwo

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