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Icue, H100i, CoreXT, RGB Hub. I must be stupid

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So I am building a new system and I have a 4000x case and I must be truly ignorant. I cannot understand how to connect all of this stuff and have it work with Icue Software. I know the LS100 strips needs to entered into Icue as strips with the correct number of leds, but beyond that the connections and how to use the RGB hub with the Core XT, so confused. Must be cause I am over 50....LOL I appreciate any help thank you!

3 Case Fans

1 SP120 for the back of the case

2 AIO Fans that came with the 240 H100i Elite Capellix AIO (also came with the Core XT)

2 LS100 250mm strips

Core XT Fan/RGB

Corsair RGB Hub


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