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HX1200 8-pin (6+2) power connector


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About your HX1200.
What is the maximum power that your X2(8-pin (6+2)) connector can provide ?

The 6 pin - > split  X2(8-pin (6+2))  cable     

That 6 pin cable can provide total 150W or total 300W ? 





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i don't think they ever published a spec for that pigtail cable.

If your question is if you an use a single cable to power a GPU needing two connexions, doing this very often leads to instability and crashes. It's preferable to use one cable per connexion.

GPUs needing 3 cables can work with one cable + a pigtail cable though.

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Hi  LeDoyen,

Thanks for your reply .




My GPU has total TDP of 150W with 2  - 8 pin connectors .  (AMD BC-160

The HX1200.is should be very high quality, also the cables

I see no reason why that 6 pin cable will not stand at (total) 150W.

It seems that the 2 connections were made to handle of voltage jumps

It is very strange that there is no record of the load that the cables can carry.

This may be because there is a standard for an 8-pin cable . I think MAX 150W .


Would be nice for a clear answer from CORSAIR support  ....  




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at 150W i guess it should work but i'm not used to mining loads, so i can't say for sure.

The problem with this cable is overload will cause voltage drop and instability, but at 150W you shouldn't experience significant Vdrop at all nor cable heating up. Issues arise when people connect a high power GPU just with this cable, pulling 250 - 300W, and wonder why games crash and BSOD happen.

Hopefully, someone knows that cable rating..

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