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I've purchased two Corsair VS512MB400 modules, one nearly 2 years ago when I first built my computer and another one to match it in April. Around April, my system became unstable, crashing to blue screen and claiming file corruption errors. I assumed it had been a problem with my harddisk because my OS was installed on an aging Maxtor 30GB harddisk. I replaced the harddisk and bought the extra stick of RAM.


My system ran fine for a few weeks until I began receiving the same errors. Eventually, my system got to the point where it would begin booting up Windows XP then crash back to my BIOS startup halfway through and repeated this cycle several times. I assumed it was a problem with my OS install, so I reinstalled/reformatted my harddisk and attempted to reinstall Windows XP on my new harddrive. However, the installation would be unstable as well, as it would claim my harddisk was corrupted and the OS could not be installed, then on a second attempt, would find no problems and begin installing the OS. When I did get the OS to start installing, the system would crash when the install was partially done and never more than 65% of the way.


After a few hours of this, I remembered my new Seagate HD had a utility disk (as I was unaware of memtests at the time) that scanned your system for disk and memory errors. The DiscWizard utility claimed that I had a bad module of system memory. I consequently shutdown my system, removed the older VS512MB400 RAM module and proceeded to the OS install, this time completing it perfectly without a hitch. I've been running my system on only the never VS512MB400 module fine, with no problems, for the past two weeks.


I believe the faulty VS512MB400 module may have been the cause for such errors because the DiscWizard utility noted that a faulty module could cause file corruption and system hangs and that after I removed the module, I no longer experienced the instability before.


I was wondering if there was a way I can RMA my older VS512MB400 stick of RAM. I believe it was the bad memory module that was causing my system instability and system crashes.


My system specs:


P4 2.6GHz w/ HT 800Mhz FSB

Asus P4P800 Deluxe

Maxtor 93073U6 (30 GB)

Maxtor 6Y120P0 (120 GB)

Seagate ST320082 (200 GB)

512MB Corsair VS512MB400

Windows XP Professional SP2


I restored my BIOS settings to manufacturer default settings as well in my attempt to deduce the reason for my system crashes and inability to install Windows XP on my system.


Let me know if there is any other pertinent information needed.

Thank you

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